Front-End Developer- Angular

فناپ پلاس
تهران، تهران، خیابان نلسون ماندلا
کد آگهی: ۳۸۲۱۹۰


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نوع همکاری:  تمام‌وقت
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 As a frontend Angular developer, you will be responsible for developing well-tested components, modules, services and directives. You will also be responsible for implementing layouts and UX flows designed by the UI/UX designers. You will be communicating with the backend development team members in an agile environment and will be collaborating in designing a software solution.


  1. Good understanding of Angular module system
  2. Ability to implement designed layouts and UX flows as Angular components
  3. Ability to contribute in green-fields as well as the brown-fields development process
  4. Self-learner
  5. Team player
  6. Open to communication


  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Appropriate and on-time payment
  3. Interesting work environment


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