DevOps Engineer

سی آر ام دیدار

تهران، تهران، سعادت آباد


کد آگهی: ۲۰۳۴۹۲

اطلاعات شغل:

نوع همکاری:  تمام‌وقت

مدرک تحصیلی مورد نیاز:  کارشناسی

مهارت‌های مورد نیاز:



متن کامل آگهی:
  • Server administration and maintenance
    • Linux Administration
    • Windows Administration
    • Database (SQL Server) Administration
    • High availability and Failover plans
  • CI/CD
    • Managing Deployment, Staging and Production environments
    • Build automation
    • Deployment automation
    • Test Automation
  • Backup
    • Backup and Restore automation of
      • VMs
      • Files
      • SQL Server
  • Monitoring and Alerts
    • Monitoring Resources
    • Monitoring Services
    • Detecting Failures and Sending Alerts
  • Reporting
    • Daily, Weekly and monthly reports
    • Resource optimization


  • ۳+ years of experience working in a high traffic, fault tolerant, & highly available 24/7/365 environment
  • Strong understanding of network and TCP/IP
  • Solid experience of Linux-based OS and services
  • Strong understanding of Git
  • Ability to perform deep dive technical troubleshooting in critical situations.
  • Strong Bash scripting skills
  • Ability to use tools required to operate containers, such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Hands-on skills of managing SQL Server
  • Experienced with managing Elasticsearch clusters
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks in a dynamic team environment
  • Possess strong problem solving skills

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