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کارشناس سرمایه گذاری( venture capital )

Key Accountabilities

The role requires a certain perspective in strategy and how a start-up’s product fits into its target market and gives the start-up a competitive edge. The ideal candidate should have the following characteristics:
۱. Hands-on experience in recruitment and team building for a start-up’s most important asset, its human capital
۲. Knows the skillset for every team member and puts them on a path to build the right skills
۳. Supports start-up to identify and reach the right customers through the appropriate Customer Development/Analysis
۴. Ensures the entrepreneurs measure, analyse, understand and report the performance of their early stage companies
۵. Proactively offers access to a diverse network, particularly to potential investors and acquirers; ensuring it’s the most cost-effective and the most value-added service an investor can provide
۶. Actively identifies new investments that matches the investment focus and roadmap
۷. Participates in pitch meetings and investment committees to assess and analyse new investments
Drives more efficient investment and market views by using derivatives; investment mandates

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge & Skills
۱.MS Strategic Marketing, Computer Science Engineering, Finance and/or equivalent professional degree
۲.Hands-on experience in investment in technology start-ups in internet, ecommerce sectors
۳.Ability to assess, choose and mentor start-ups through the growth stage
۴.Demonstrated superior investment skills and knowledge and a thorough understanding and application of complex investment vehicles and strategies
۵. Economic, financial markets and investment knowledge as demonstrated by experience
۶.High influencing and leadership capabilities with a strong entrepreneurial flair
۷.Excellent understanding of all aspects of the business operations
۸.Highly analytical with great ability to analyse a business infrastructure & strategy
۹.Technical investment skills

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