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استخدام software engineer در شرکت آلما فن آوری کیش

شرکت آلما فن آوری کیش در راستای تکمیل کادر فنی خود از واجدین شرایط در تهران دعوت به همکاری می‌نماید.

Technical Expertise Requirement Job Title
-Expertise in anyone of these: Node.js, Ruby on Rails &/or Java, ASP.NET, C#

-Excellent knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate, Entity Framework)

-Experience with test-driven development

-Experience with REST based services

-Strong understanding of object oriented design and MVC patterns

-Experience with SQL and NoSQL data stores (such as MongoDB etc.)

-Excellent understanding of web security practices

-Product delivery and client management

-Tools support and management

-Database Management

-Understanding and evaluation of client’s requests

-Translation of client’s request in technical terms

-Producing specifications

-Writing new software and operating manuals

-Testing the product to ensure that it operates satisfactorily

-Handling support and feedback

-Day to day coordination with product development teams

-Good communication and presentation skills

-Able to handle pressure situations

-Close coordination with other teams

-Fast learner

-Ability to work independently as well as with the team members

software engineer

Please send your CV to the following E-mail.

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