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استخدام شرکت سراوا پارس

سراوا پارس شرکت پیشرو در حوزه سرمایه‌گذاری در دنیای دیجیتال، وب و موبایل است. تا کنون برترین شرکت‌های وب و موبایل ایران، کارنامه‌ی سراوا را شکل داده‌اند: دیجی‌کالا، کافه‌بازار، ای‌نتورک، آواتک و…

Join our team!

We are always looking for the brilliant people to join our team. We are looking for the people who are open-minded and are eager to learn. We value experience but your attitude is very important to us. You will get to work with professional people in the Tech startup scene of Iran. If you would like to apply for our positions please send us an email to including:

  • A cover letter including why you want to join our team
  • Your resume

We will get back to you after reviewing your application.

Sarava is hiring:

  • BI Architect
  • Blogger
  • Community Manager
  • Content Expert
  • Android Developer
  • IOS Developer
  • Junior Designer HTML, CSS
  • Junior Social Media Expert
  • PR Expert
  • Project Manager
  • Recruitment Expert
  • Support Specialist
  • UI Designer
  • Marketing Specialist

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