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استخدام شرکت اپسان (عضو گروه مالی بانک پاسارگاد)

About Appson

We are a newborn company which was originally founded as the mobile services SBU in FANAP in 2012. We are now a subsidiary of FANAP ICT Holding and Pasargad Financial Group. APPSON experienced the highest growth rate in Iran’s mobile value added services market during the past three years, thanks to the devotion of our team of competent and motivated young professionals and the support we received from our well-reputed shareholders. APPSON now has reached a dominant position in mobile entertainment services, sports fan clubs, and enterprise content.

APPSON is expanding rapidly to achieve its aggressive business goals through providing ever-improving products and services to our precious customers and business partners. And in this demanding road, we invite passionate team players and savvy professional contributors to join us.

APPSON, Communications ON.

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