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استخدام سرپرست IT در شرکت پایش سد ایرانیان در تهران

IRANIAN PAYESH SAD COMPANY is looking for candidates who are resident of Tehran to fill job position in Tehran with below specifications.

job title : IT Manager
-Being able to Identify, define, and solve a problem in a proper way.

-Being able to work in a friendly team.

-Being able to learn fast and effectively, because of challenges we encounter along the way

-Being able to deliver things in a timely way

-Good knowledge of C++ language

-Being familiar with Linux programming interface

-Being able to use Make and CMake

-Being able to use Git

-Being familiar with python scripting language

-Being able to design and implement multi-threaded apps with asynchronous i/o

-Being able to use opensource c++ libraries such as Boost, gsoap, soci.


-Being familiar with message queue and how to use them.

-Being familiar with web technologies in order to know how to collaborate effectively with GUI.

-Being familiar with scrum project management

-Being able to integrate currently available open source solutions into the applications

Followings are plus:

please send us your CV in English to the email bellow:

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