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استخدام Senior Basic Telecom Services Manager در تهران

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A reputable MVNO license holder in Tehran has vacancies for qualified personnel in the following positions. We are a young, dynamic and agile company looking for enthusiastic people with same qualities.

A bout job Qualifications Main Responsibilities Job oppurtunity position code

We are looking for an experienced Senior Basic Telecom Services Manager to be in charge of the organization’s telecom sales ventures. This primarily involves developing and implementing strategies to sell SIM cards and basic mobile telecommunication services and help improve market share in a highly competitive market.


Please include the required position code (BBS-01) in the subject of the email

-۸-۱۰ years in marketing and sales with at least 3 years in telecom sector.

-Experience in management of sales and distribution channels

-BSc/BA in business administration, marketing or relevant field

-Strong communication skills to confidently manage department personnel

-Organizational skills to effectively optimize processes, set and control budget, prepare reports and plan activities.

-Self-confidence to take the initiative to try innovative solutions.

-Achievement-motivated to work with us to set and surpass realistic goals

-Ability to communicate effectively in English.

-Recognizing market trends and new opportunities to create new, innovative revenue streams and improving current ones.

-Planning, budgeting and provision of solutions for the sale of SIM cards and Basic telecom services according to high level organizational policies.

-Product (Packages and bundles) definition and development based on market segments, target groups and company requirements.

-Leading new product development process from Idea to market.

-Generate qualified sales leads by increasing customer base via innovative and new sales, distribution and promotion channels.

-Plan and create sales campaigns

-Supervision and management of distribution channels.

Senior Basic Telecom Services Manager BBS-01

Please send your CV to E-Mail Address below.

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